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I was born (long time ago) in southern Brandenburg, Germany. Since I was 7 years old I am interested in reptiles, especially in snakes. 1980 I started studing ratsnakes, formerly known under the generic name Elaphe. I traveled all over the world in search for my favourite species and published several articles and three books.

I largely reduced my husbandry and breeding activities. However, a few ratsnake species I still have in my collection.

Beside to be a snake enthusiast I like Rock Music and playing guitar. If you are interested have a look: GAME.

My residence is in Wuerselen, Germany. If you like to contact me send me an E-MAIL

Klaus-D. Schulz
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If you are interested in this book (available in German
only, published in 1996) please contact me

New book available, if you are interested
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Both books together in a bundle are possible.
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