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Oreocryptophis is a monotypic genus. 6 subspecies of O. porphyraceus are known:

Oreocryptophis p. porphyraceus
(Cantor, 1839)

Distribution: China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand,
and Vietnam.

O. p. porphyraceus Thailand © KDS

Oreocryptophis p. pulcher (Schmidt, 1925)

Distribution: China.

O. p. pulcher Yunnan, China © KDS

Oreocryptophis p. coxi (Schulz & Helfenberger, 1998)

Distribution: Thailand.

O. p. coxi juveniles, Thailand © KDS

Oreocryptophis p. laticinctus (Schulz & Helfenberger, 1998)

Distribution: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

O. p. laticinctus juvenil, Malaysia © KDS

Oreocryptophis p. kawakamii (Oshima, 1911)

Distribution: Taiwan.

O. p. kawakamii Taiwan © C.-W. Y

Oreocryptophis p. vaillanti (Sauvage, 1877)

Distribution: China and Vietnam.

O. p. vaillanti China © KDS